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Huh, what's this? Ah, it appears you've somehow got yourself washed up upon my feedback shore ;3;

It's optional but it's highly appreciated if you drop a line on how your buying/selling/trading experience was with me (please remember to write Positive/Neutral/Negative in the subject line). And if you do, many thanks!♥

If you've swallowed too much salt-water on your way here and have forgotten what to write about, here's some ideas to consider:
◆Would I associate with this person again?
◆Item as described?

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Feel free to PM/comment!

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[ Special Delivary ]
Feedback / Wishlist


◆Cut some prices ( 15/12/14 )
◆Please allow extra time for shipping during the holiday season


◆I ship from the UK, international welcome (Please check customs!)
◆I only accept Paypal
Trades and haggling welcome -particulary if you're buying multiples!
◆Payment in £ (GBP) - If you must pay in USD then I can convert it but the price may increase as I have to pay the exchange rate
◆Once shipments have been dispatched, I won't be responsible for damaged/lost packages. -this is VERY rare though.
◆Holds can be up to a week
◆If you don't have an LJ account, you can email me at Delivary [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk PLEASE TITLE IT "LJ SALES"
◆Additional information and photos are available upon request
◆Once all sales are completed and everything is okay, all messages will be screened!
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.: Wishlist :.
[ Its about time you made this! ]

This may be a little image heavy so you've been warned!
This Wishlist is now Out-dated, please check my new one here
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